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Knowing Your Gifts Will Change Your Business and Your Life.

You were not created to do everything.


You were created to do what you are gifted to do and then work in community (as the early Christians did) based on different gifts and strengths.

 When you know and walk in your gifts, you will be more productive, more successful, and more fulfilled in life since you are doing what you were born to do.

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If You're Feeling:


  • Frustrated, like you don’t know what to do next in your business or life 
  • Tired of being “a lone wolf” with no one to talk to or get advice from about how to start, run, or grow your business
  • Confused about how to structure and run a faith-based business
  • Burned out from doing everything in your business  

Then knowing your gifts and understanding others’ gifts can change everything.

When you know your gifts, you can build your life and business around them. You will become who you were meant to be and will naturally attract the people you are meant to serve.  

From Burnout to Momentum:

The God Given Genius (G3) Method


Each person has their own unique God Given Genius. Your God Given Genius is the culmination of the gifts, talents and strengths that God has given you. Our mission is to help you understand your gifts so that you can fulfill your potential, make a meaningful impact, and bring heaven to the world. 

Created by John Davies, The G3 Method helps faith-based entrepreneurs discover their God Given Genius so they can live their calling and build a business that aligns with Kingdom principles. The method focuses on your gifts, your leadership, and your team. 



It’s Time to Walk Powerfully In Your Gifts


We offer private and group coaching to help people discover, understand, and build their lives around their gifts.


Private Coaching


Private coaching is the best way to achieve desired results quickly. Founder of G3 and Visionary Growth Coach John Davies has been helping people make life transitions for years.

If you feel stuck or unfulfilled in your current situation and are seeking to create a more meaningful and satisfying life, John can help you identify your necessary next steps. He will work with you one-on-one to uncover your unique God Given Genius and create a plan to start or grow your business.


A man with glasses and a blue sweater going over assessment results with a woman during a private coaching session.


The G3 Program


Created for faith-based entrepreneurs, this six-month, group coaching program offers ongoing support and community as well as weekly live training sessions to help you discover your God Given genius, build a Kingdom business that you love, and grow your team.

If you’re ready to love your business again or build your business around your life in community with others, this is the program for you. Our next cohort starts soon. Secure your place today!


A laptop on a table with books and a woman pointing to a screen that contains a Venn diagram with the word business on the left, gift in the middle, and life on the right.

The Power of Walking In Your God Given Genius

What Our Clients Are Saying...

A headshot of Bee.

“John helped me honor my own discernment by reviewing perspectives that weren’t all black and white with me. He gave me ideas on how to grow in my gift and start my business. He is friendly, personal, and always there. He also has a good sense of humor and has experienced many things in his life. I love his life perspective and enjoy learning from him as an entrepreneur.”

Bee Westwood

Integrative Nutritionist & Wellness Coach

A headshot of David.

“I joined G3 because I wanted more direction for myself and my business. It’s not natural or easy for me to reflect on who I am and what I want, or set intentional goals. By learning what my top God-given gifts are, I can use those to set goals and be more intentional with what I want to do in my life.”

David Thimmesch 

David Thimmesch Creative

A headshot of Angela.

“What I liked most about G3 was the support, the brainstorming that happens on the group calls. We talk about challenges and how we can support one each other. We pray together. Having a group takes the pressure off of having to run our businesses ourselves without feedback and support.” 

Angela Failor

Shine Your Light LLC

Ready to Discover Your Gifts?


Begin by taking the G3 Gifts Assessment. Taken from Romans 12, the G3 Gifts Assessment uncovers your top gift, the foundation of your God Given Genius. Your top gifts shed light on the driving force behind your behaviors and why you act or don’t act in certain situations. It’s time to start walking in your gifts!



The God Given Genius Blog


On our blog we dive deep into how to find your God Given Genius, Kingdom business principles, and how to build and grow your business. 

Understanding the Motivational Gifts and the Body

How to Find Your Motivational Gifts

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